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2019 ChronoTrack Timer Conference Session Topics




Athlinks on Race Day

Troy Busot

Ignite your race day — see how Athlinks Premium Race Services can help augment your Athletes’ experience and provide additional revenue opportunities for your business.

Fusion + Remote Control

Micah Rennels + Wayne Steidley

Harness our newest middleware solution to integrate cohesively with your Chronotrack controllers, plus a new way to see and manage your equipment remotely.

Launch + ChronoCast

Nick Wiegand + Beau Scott

Manage your onsite experience seamlessly, with or without connectivity — from packet pickup to the announcer line.

Intro to Hardware

Ben Madson + John Hansen

New to timing? Learn from the best. Our experienced staff will lead you through this crash course, including set-up, best practices and maintenance.

Intro to Middleware

Ben Madson + John Hansen

New to timing? Learn more about the software solutions we have to integrate seamlessly with our controllers, making your race day easier.

Scoring Basics

Ben Madson + John Hansen

New to timing? From pre-event configuration best practices, through race day scoring and post-event edits, come learn the in’s and out’s of how to set up a race to be scored using CT Live.

CT Live Registration + Dashboards

Kevin Smith + Kevin Egan

Join us for an overview of our registration product, commonly used reports, settings, features, including registration dashboards.

Timer’s Round Table

Mike Milici + Sales Team

Gain valuable information from your peers in a small group setting and discuss questions around Timing, Event Management, Race Director interaction, Marketing, proposals and more.

Tech Breakout: Timing Systems

Micah Rennels + Carl Bartlett

This free-form session is your opportunity to deep dive into the technical aspects of our timing systems with our engineers.

How to Ignite your Event: Big Easy Conference 5K

Nick Wiegand

New to event management or timing? This hands on session will provide you with a step by step demonstration of how to use our wide array of services. Will be hands on, setting up the actual event to be used in the 5K the next day!

Services Hub

Troy Busot

Come learn about the next iteration of Athlinks.


Micah Rennels + Dan Howell + Chris Borke

Learn about our advancements in timing hardware, including our newest hardware concept. We will be showcasing and talking through the differences between our different controllers, advantages / disadvantages and best practices for each.

Advanced Scoring

Nick Wiegand

Take scoring beyond the basics in CT Live. We’ll cover the enhancements we’ve made over the last year, in addition to an in-depth review of our existing features.


Ben Madson + John Hansen

Our support team has heard it all! We’ll review the top questions and inquiries the team receives on weekends and review their recommendations — saving you valuable time on race morning.

Owner’s Forum

Mike Milici + Sales Team

*Limited to Timing Company Owners* An open question and answer session between Owners and Chronotrack + Athlinks Services management team.

Tech Breakout: Software

Nick Wiegand + Sean Walkinshaw  + Beau Scott

This free-form session is your opportunity to deep dive into the technical aspects of our software systems with our engineers.


Sean Walkinshaw

Learn how easily (and at no charge!) the Athlinks Media Services platform can be onboarded. Will include Media Platform overview and the new Media Uploader.

1:1 Sessions

Product, UX and Support Team Members

Want 15 minutes with someone on our team? Sign up for a dedicated session with our UX, Product and Support teams.