Q2 is a pivotal quarter in our business as we work towards creating a unified event experience for your athletes under one brand, Athlinks. This shift will also serve your business as we optimize the site experience to drive more traffic and more registrations to your events.

This summer we will complete the first of three phases, moving ChronoTrack Live Registration, Scoring, and Results onto the Athlinks platform. This change will deliver a simplified and engaging experience for your athletes, as well as drive more registration to your event through best-in-class page design and SEO.  

Once complete, Athlinks will be THE online destination for athletes to discover, register, prepare, complete, and celebrate their events from start to finish, in one location.

There are four key components to this new Athlinks experience that will be introduced this summer and evolve over time:

  1. Event Landing Page
  2. Live Event Results & Media
  3. Live Individual Results & Media  
  4. Integrated Athlete Profiles


The Event Landing Page on Athlinks will serve two key segments of our Event customers:

  1. For companies without an event website looking for a turnkey solution tied in with your registration and results hosting, it shines as a standalone microsite to market your event.
  1. For events with an existing web presence, the Event Landing Page is another free marketing tool to compliment your own website, optimized by our User Experience and Digital Marketing team to improve web search results and increase registrations.


All events can benefit from the marketing power of a premium presence inside of Athlinks Event Listings as well as tools to give your participants a consistent view of important event information like:

  • Registration Links
  • Course Maps
  • Schedules
  • Past Results
  • Contact Info
  • Ratings and Reviews

What to expect:

  • You will enable and manage your Event Landing Page on your ChronoTrack Live Event Setup screen.
  • Event Landing Pages will be available for both ChronoTrack registration and non-registration customers.
  • We will begin to pilot Event Landing Pages in May. Please contact your regional sales manager for more details.
  • These pages will be released slowly to the public as we evolve features, functionality and customization capabilities.

event landing page


The ChronoTrack Live leaderboard & results widget will be migrated over to  Athlinks in order to provide a better experience for your athlete. Each of the 200 million race results inside of Athlinks is a piece of a someone’s story. The new Results & Media Pages give those athletes a greater voice and a richer canvas on which to celebrate those moments and hold onto their hard-earned memories.


  • Live Results & Splits let friends & family feel connected to the participant in real time
  • Gorgeous Finisher Certificate for sharing and printing
  • Integrated photos & video to download
  • Social support like Comments and Likes from friends & family
  • “Next Event” hints to increase registration from existing customers
  • Updated Mobile-first design

Athlete Individual Results


We promise to help grow your business by delivering the right event to the right athletes at the right time. By leveraging Athlinks as our Account and Profile platform, we can leverage what we know about your events and athletes to help get them back to the start line as quickly and as often as possible.

In addition to enabling their Athlinks profile as part of the pre- and post-race experience, this change will pave the way for:

  • One-click registration (using single sign-on & credit card on file)
  • Deferrals and referral tracking with credits
  • Registration “gifts” with account balances
  • Family registration & check-In
  • Results & media view of friends and family

What to expect:

New customers will have the opportunity to create an account in order to view and manage their transaction in Athlinks going forward like refund requests, team management, or deferrals.

Existing ChronoTrack Live account-holders will simply log in using their existing credentials and will be transitioned to a new Athlinks account automatically. All past registration history on ChronoTrack Live will be immediately linked to their new profile.

upcoming events

For more information about Athlinks & ChronoTrack and how the tools can help grow your events, contact us here.