Media matters. In fact, race day photos and videos are more important to most Athletes than the medals they’re awarded at the finish line. Media helps athletes share their race stories—their tales of trial and triumph, of accomplishment against the odds—and relive their experiences over and over again.

As a race organizer, media should be a major focus of your event production. Not only will access to quality event media have a huge impact on your Athletes, the opportunities linked to media can add significant exposure and value for you and your sponsors. Simply put, a robust media plan is mandatory for any race to reach maximum success.

athlinks services media

But what if you’re not media savvy?

Athlinks Media Services offers all the support you need. We provide easy-to-use tools and turnkey solutions to best match your photography needs, media sponsor activations, and most importantly, your engagement with your participants.

Our goal is to increase the number of impressions and engagement activations your event receives through media. We accomplish this by creating and hosting a customized landing page for your event, where exclusive participant media content may be quickly accessed and freely downloaded. You decide how much or how little of the logistics you want to manage, and which a la carte add-ons you want to include.

Choose Your Foundation Service Model

How does it work? We’re glad you asked. First, you set the foundation by choosing one of three service models:

  • Self-Onboard: The race takes care of all media functions, with no charge to athletes
  • Hybrid: The race does some of the work, using Athlinks Media Services for various services; again, no charge to athletes
  • Full Service: Athlinks Media Services handles all logistics, top-to-bottom and turnkey; you guessed it—still no charge to athletes

Add the Bells and Whistles

Then, you add a custom selection of cutting-edge bells and whistles to enhance your media offering. And yes, you can opt to add them all—which you may well want to do, once you read about the effectiveness of our media add-ons. Check out our numerous programs, with the stats to back up their success:

  • Downloadable Photo Email: Send post-event emails to encourage participants to download their free photos
    • 85% open rate, 79% click-through rate
  • Social Media Automation: With Pic2Go, branded media content can be posted directly to a participant’s Facebook page, increasing reach among their followers
    • Per finisher: 225x impression rate, 16x like rate, 2x comment rate
  • Video Clips & Commercial Space: Multimedia content can be added across timing points and shown in 30-second clips; plus, we can include a pre-roll commercial to promote your organization or sponsors to a captive audience
    • 87% viewer rate, 6x per finisher
  • Multimedia Messaging Service: Includes image and custom SMS text with sponsor URL, alerting athletes to free images available for download and sharing
    • 98% open rate, over 90% of messages opened within 3 minutes
  • Photo API: Send content to your website through our proprietary Photo API, which improves site loyalty, empowers lead generation, harnesses remote processing power, provides remote storage, and allows for development of lightweight mobile apps
  • Photo Logo Overlay: Provided free of charge to add value for you or your sponsor

Athlinks Media Services is on a mission to help up your media game. And we can offer all this with a low—or even no—investment of time and energy from you and your event staff. Give us a call today at 855-709-4555 and let us get your event media on track and on trend, ensuring significant value for your sponsors, the best possible reputation for your race, and an unforgettable experience for every single one of your participants.

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