Starting on January 25th, athletes will be able to use their personal Athlinks account to log in and register for events on ChronoTrack Live. This will create a more streamlined and personalized experience from registration through to race day for your participants. Participants will be able to register more quickly for your events with pre-populated information from their Athlinks account, as well as check in, view live results and photos, share socially, and interact with other participants on the Athlinks platform, all increasing engagement and excitement around your event.

Visitors to the registration form will see an additional option to “Sign in with Athlinks” as well as the Google+ and Facebook log-in options. Existing registrants will still have the ability to sign in with their ChronoTrack Live account via a text link on the registration page. This option would be useful for participants needing to apply a membership discount, for instance.

Athlinks members can currently use their free Athlinks account to find upcoming events, claim and track their complete race histories, connect with other athletes, compare common times, and access million of “live” results and photos. Now these athletes will be able to use that same familiar account to get through your event registration process more seamlessly, ultimately decreasing drop-offs and growing your event.

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