Looking for an Athlinks logo file? Trying to color-match the exact Athlinks blue? You’ll find all that and more in the Athlinks Brand & Style Guide.

A brand guide is akin to a rulebook for the brand. Basically, the company’s marketing creative types put together a handbook containing the tools (i.e. the marketing assets and brand voice) for conveying the brand’s identity through visual and written communications. First and foremost, the marketing assets include all approved and properly formatted logos and colors. These are clear-cut DOS and DON’TS for using the logo and brand colors—everything from size and scale to contrasting color and background options—to maintain the integrity of the brand’s look, wherever it may appear.

The brand voice—or the way a brand comes across in its communications—is a little more complicated to define than a concrete logo file or a PMS color. In the Athlinks Brand & Style Guide, you’ll see our brand promise (a succinct statement of what we stand for), our elevator pitch (a way to quickly and clearly answer the question, “What is Athlinks?”), and a description of our tone of voice (the attitude that comes through in our communications and reflects our brand values).

Although succinct in its final iteration, a ton of work happens behind the scenes to create and define a brand’s voice—from marketing research and focus groups to brainstorming and trial and error. Once the voice is refined and defined, it serves as a mission statement for all brand communications, and provides the company’s marketing, sales, and customer service teams a set of guiding principles for their passionate work.

As an Athlinks partner, our brand guide is useful to you as an easy-access resource for logo files, approved logo and color usage, and a quick and concise elevator pitch—all of which will help you when marketing to your athletes. The rest, you won’t necessarily use—but you may find it interesting as insight into what we’re committed to conveying via the voice of the Athlinks brand. Enjoy!

Questions about the Athlinks Brand & Style Guide? Contact the Athlinks brand marketing team.