Completing any type of endurance event is an amazing accomplishment and is always something worth celebrating. That’s why Athlinks Services makes finding and sharing participants’ results as easy—and fun—as possible. Providing your athletes with easy-to-share results, photos and videos will help them celebrate with family and friends.

claim your resultsResults All in One Place

Through the Athlinks mobile app, participants can view live race results the moment they cross the finish line. They can share their results instantly and broadly with friends, family, and followers via SMS message or Facebook or Twitter post. Results are also immediately posted on, allowing athletes to find and claim their accomplishments and create a lasting archive.

There, participants can share their achievements in a social forum alongside other athletes. Plus connect with like-minded friends, training partners, and even friendly rivals. Whether comparing results against their own personal best, their BFF, or the big dog in their age group, every result is right at their fingertips, with easy-to-navigate filters.

Sponsored Photos and Videos

sponsored photoYour sponsors have a powerful opportunity to add to the celebration by offering branded race photos and videos free to the athletes—adding exponential exposure for their messaging and a much-appreciated bonus for participants.

Your event doesn’t end at the finish line. With Athlinks Services, participants can savor their race experience and results as lasting—and share-worthy—memories.

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