The wait is over; quick, easy and mobile announcing on Race Day is now available. Cut the cord (literally) and download the ChronoCast Announcer App today! ChronoCast is an announcer app that allows you to connect directly to ChronoTrack hardware and display Athlete information as they pass a timing location. This wireless app gives the user free-range of motion, removing the need to stand in front of a laptop as Athletes cross the finish line.

Easy to Use and Available to All

Did we mention the app is available to all Athlinks Services Timing partners? Whether you use CT Live or not, everyone has access to this incredible app. The ChronoCast Announcer App works exclusively with ChronoTrack hardware and allows Timers to easily load Athlete files to the app through [] 

Set up your race with ChronoCast Announcer App in just 5 easy steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Upload Athlete database
  3. Download Athlete database to the App
  4. Connect your device to the local network on the controller
  5. Connect your controller to the device

Key Features

ChronoCast offers great functionality that will make Race Day fun for Athletes, Announcers and Spectators alike.

Here’s what you’ll love about this new product:

  • Wireless Announcer Screen: No wires or internet needed
  • VIP Athlete Settings: Give select Athlete’s “VIP Status”, which will be highlighted and displayed at the top of your Announcer screen, making sure you never miss announcing the finish of your key participants
  • Athlete Look Up: Search for individual Athletes in your roster by name or bib
  • Status Summary: Reports which tags have been read, displayed, skipped and read but not in roster
  • Custom Display Categories: Automatically defaults display categories, based on the event Registration Athlete Profile questions; however, custom display categories are available at setup

Want to learn more? Visit our Knowledge Base article for more in-depth set up details. You can also check out our Athlinks Services ChronoCast tutorial, previously featured on our Facebook LIVE Virtual Timer Series. With any follow up or questions, feel free to reach out to