We’ve got a pretty big team of smart, eager developers working hard every day to make products that push the boundaries and challenge the industry. Over the last few months we’ve released a lot of new features that we want to keep you in the loop about. Without overwhelming you, we’ll make sure to share changes with you on a more regular basis moving forward.

Without further adieu, here’s a laundry list of recent updates to ChronoTrack Live:

  • Reduced Chip-reader and Messenger dependencies (REDIS Server).
  • Removed “Other” Types of races from CT-Live.
  • Added Dutch athlete updates into Messenger  (FB, Twitter, and SMS).
  • Added “Overall Ranking” selection to Race Modal.
  • Added detailed console descriptions upon mouse-over.
  • Released beta version of XC report.
  • Released ability to connect CT-Live registrants w/Athlinks accounts immediately after paying.
  • Added new Athlinks online results skin that will replace all existing online results skins.
  • Updated version of Messenger component that leverages Twilio for SMS (Athlete Updates).
  • Added a new Athlinks-branded theme that matches the Athlinks brand for online results.
  • You can now see if events and races are connected to Athlinks courses in order to push results to Athlinks.
  • Award report can now work off of gun time while overall results can remain chip time in online results.
  • Removed tag disambiguation “by Time” for timers to select.
  • Added course notifications inside course setup if timer attempts to use tag disambiguation improperly. Also added a notification in Widget.
  • Added ability to exempt athletes from wave rules with override button.
  • Added an “Untimed” type of race that is incapable of producing results.
  • Removed the term “registration option” virtually everywhere and replaced it with “Registration Choice” to standardize language.
  • Added warning message for timing points that have a Min/Max accepted time = 00:00:00.
  • Added a default data check to find entries that have the same time being used at more than one timing point.
  • Added ability to (manually) push results to Athlinks for any organizer.
  • Created a style sheet in the spirit of Athlinks to replace our existing online results theme:
    1. New Report and API endpoint for Twilio integration.
    2. Updated Messenger to show status from Twilio.
    3. Warning Message when timing point has zero set for both min and max.
    4. Data Check: Find entries that ONLY have valid read(s) at finish timing point.
    5. XC –only rank athletes who have the proper number of finishers.
    6. Removed prompt for “zip code” in athlete info sub-tab.
  • Payee user interface changes:
    1. Ability for organizers to select from existing payees when creating an event instead of creating a new payee every time.
    2. Ability for organizers to add payees from My Orgs section.
  • Custom Fees can now be applied/not applied to individual registration choices and products. (Historically you could only apply a custom fee to all registration choices/products in the event).
  • Ability to hide/display the price of products within the responsive form. (Used to be hidden by default for all product questions).
  • Custom question inventory controls:
    1. Ability to set inventory controls per option within a custom question.
    2. Ability to set inventory limit across all options within a custom question.
    3. Ability to show amount left of a specific option once that option has 25 or fewer remaining based on inventory controls that are set.
    4. Option/question automatically shows as sold out in responsive, classic, and on-site forms when inventory maximum is reached.
  • Custom question conditional logic:
    • Show/hide questions in the responsive form based on the answers to other questions within the same question slide.
  • Show event name in bank statement when registration purchase is made. (Purpose of this is to mitigate chargebacks).
  • External entries default to $0 transaction price. (Externally added entries were previously inheriting the price of the registration choice by default. Now default is $0).
  • DOB mask added for on-site registration. This expedites/simplifies the on-site registration process by user only needing to enter numbers in the date of birth field (and not include slashes or dashes).

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