Since we launched Custom Finisher Certificates in May, we’ve seen them gain tremendous momentum across the world. We’ve gotten great feedback from customers that have used them, we’ve heard how much Sponsors love the additional brand exposure, and have seen how much Athletes love sharing their accomplishments. We’re having a proud parent moment and we don’t want you to host another event without taking advantage of this product! 

Product Manager, Sean Walkinshaw, shares the intention behind this product, “At its core, Finisher Certificates were built to reward Finishers with a prize; to fundamentally celebrate their accomplishment for completing the race. As a by-product of creating this point of engagement for Athletes and Spectators, Event Organizers can count on the sponsorship monetization of our Finisher Certificate offering.”

Read on to learn more about our Custom Finisher Certificates, how to customize the end product to perfection and how Events can use it to put a little extra money in their pockets.

Presentation Quality

First and foremost, the aesthetic quality of the Athlinks Finisher Certificate is unparalleled in our industry. From our modern look and feel to the thoughtfully and purposefully designed text and logo placements, we’ve made sure that every aspect of your certificate is pleasing to the eye. We believe our presentation quality is second-to-none and our customers (and their customers) agree. From first-timers to veterans, commemorating an event is a critical piece of the Athlete’s Race Day experience. Whether ultimately printed out as a keepsake or shared on a digital platform, the certificate provides a lasting impact of a first-class production.

Whether you chose a picture-perfect backdrop or design a custom background, the Athlinks Finisher Certificate is designed to make you feel confident in providing a certificate your Athletes will be proud to share.


In addition to the aesthetic appeal, our custom certificate experience is now consistent across all platforms. Athletes can now find, download and share their accomplishments either via the web or in-app, in a matter of seconds. After the most recent update to our Mobile App, Finisher Certificates are now available for immediate download to all mobile device camera rolls and/or on social network sharing platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Never miss an opportunity to provide sharable content to your Athletes; give them the tools to share their results and watch the impressions multiply.  As a reminder, as you make Race Scoring and Timing adjustments in real-time, Finisher Certificates will automatically be updated to reflect the most accurate appointed certificate-timing data.

Sponsorship Opportunities

At Athlinks Services, we are committed to providing our customers with opportunities to help them grow their own businesses, and we’re proud to give you the tools you need to sell your event to prospective partners. When used to its full capacity, the Finisher Certificate is a great opportunity to give your Sponsors added exposure and added value. Collaborating, creating, and executing Sponsorship deals has never been this simple – in just a matter of minutes, you can develop a high-quality, profitable product.

“The Athlinks Finisher Certificates is an increasingly valuable tool to have in the toolbox and a complete no-brainer for a double-powered impact. For providing quality and relevant exposures to a key Sponsor, this Athlinks multi-platform is unmatched. Super simple to set up and totally available to all Finishers and family/friends, the Athlinks Finisher Certificate should be in every event’s offering as part of the overall event.” – Gail Hughes, dedicated Timer and self-proclaimed data geek, Pacers Running


Still need a little convincing? No problem, we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves. In September of 2018 alone, 44,835 Finisher Certificates were downloaded by Athletes, contributing to a total of 122,894 downloads since May of 2018. With the latest release of Athlinks Mobile App parity, we are expecting the growth to continue well into the Fall event season. Don’t miss out on your chance to capture the market and seize the opportunity to leverage Sponsors and Clients.

It’s simple: Athlete runs race. Athlete finishes race. Athlete downloads Custom Finisher Certificate. Athlete shares certificate to Facebook. Event and Event Sponsors get brand exposure long after Race Day. Easy as 1-2-3. So, what are you waiting for?

As a ChronoTrack Live Scoring User, you have exclusive access to Custom Finisher Certificate tools. Use our Custom Finisher certificates to provide a top of the line service that no other Scoring and Results partner can offer. For all the details on how to build your event’s Custom Finisher Certificate, visit our Knowledge Base articleIf you need immediate assistance, contact our support team at 812-759-7877 or