Exciting news with our Digital Media product today. We’ve opened a customization tool around our “image synchronization” feature for an applicable camera. You now can instantly set a range in PLUS/MINUS 1 second windows all the way up to a 15 second window.

This adjustable tagging range will now give you the self-service tool to pinpoint image tagging to participants (in a 1 to 2 second window) all the way up to a wide window (12 to 15 seconds) that caters to events with a larger variance in athlete movement towards & beyond a timing point. Specifically, the synchronization process can now be finely tuned to the chip-timing time of day data to the .jpg time of day metadata reducing the image false positives; thus, providing the best possible athlete experience when viewing media in ChronoTrack LIVE.

You’ll find the PHOTO SYNC RANGE tool in your “camera details” once applied to a timing device. The range sync can be applied prior to the event, after the event, and adjusted instantly during the image synchronization process at any time. We recommend a 1 to 2 second window when a photographer correctly shoots all images of participants over a timing mat- when you’ve elected to synchronize tag the images. Please reach out to photos@chronotrack.com if you have any immediate questions and watch for an informational in the Photos & Video Knowledge Base this coming Thursday (1/14).