We’ve added some enhancements to the Confirmed Entries report to help you manipulate your data to more quickly view important information about your participants. In addition to the filters for race and entry status, we now have filters to create separate views and reports on gender, t-shirt size, coupon codes, and team names.

What’s new and improved:

  • NEW VIEWS & REPORTS: Ability to create new reports and views around these identifiers (gender, t-shirt size, coupon codes, and team names) with filters found in the Edit Report modal when you EDIT the standard Confirmed Entries report or add a new report.
  • NEW FILTERS: Users can filter for coupon codes and base series codes, which will return all entries with a coupon code beginning with the base code.
    • Users can also filter by t-shirts size, gender and team name, allowing for quick tallies for race planning.
  • COUNTS: We’ve added a count of the filtered results at the top left of the report for at-a-glance count summary.
  • EXPORTING RESULTS: Users can export the filtered report as a CSV file.
  • FASTER EXPORTING TIMES: Export times for large reports (20,000 plus rows and 50 plus columns) have been reduced by 25%.
  • SAVING VIEWS & REPORTS: You can save the new reports with the filters you’ve selected for future reference and analysis.
  • Users will still need to select the columns to view the columns, but the filters will work even if the columns are not selected. (For example, if you have 100 rows with 50 males and 50 females and you filter by males, but do not select the Gender column, you will see a list of 50 rows, but you will not see the Gender column.)

Stay tuned for a future reporting dashboard interface and more reporting tool updates in ChronoTrack Live.

Enhancements to the Confirmed Entries Report ChronoTrack 2


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