The long-awaited launch of Athlinks Services is finally here!

We have been hard at work over the past several months and have transitioned ChronoTrack under the Athlinks umbrella, forming Athlinks Services. We’ve taken the reliability and timing experience for which ChronoTrack is known and made it an integral part of the overall Athlinks experience. Together, our two brands now provide an all-in-one suite of innovative race management solutions for our Event Directors and Timers.

The transition to Athlinks Services is a step we’ve taken to align the total race day experience under one widely-known, easily-recognizable, and highly sought-after race brand. By bringing all of our capabilities under one roof, it is our hope and belief that Athletes will begin to seek out “Athlinks-powered races” because they’ll know they can expect a better pre, during, and post-race experience.

With this transition comes an opportunity to redefine our identity. We’re still the same trusted ChronoTrack at our core (our orange boxes are still orange boxes), but the advent of Athlinks Services enables us to speak with a single voice about our integrated, Athlete-friendly offering, and how we enhance each step in the overall Athlete journey. We have defined that journey in five steps:

DISCOVER: Help Athletes Find Your Event

One of the most important elements of hosting an event is promotion. Athlinks Services makes it easy to promote your event by giving you direct access to our database of over 700,000 (and rapidly growing) Athletes across multiple platforms, plus the tools you need to effectively market to them.

REGISTER: Offer a Simple Path to Maximize Attendance

With our streamlined Athlinks Services registration platform, Athletes will spend less time navigating the registration process, and more time preparing for and enjoying the actual race experience. Our platform can support any type of event, and can make quick work of complex situations like team sign-ups, race series, donations/fundraising, custom registration forms, and more.

TRAIN: Support Athletes to Arrive At Your Start Line Fast, Fit and Healthy

To help make Athletes of all levels feel as prepared as possible, Athlinks Services offers a wealth of information and resources about training, as well as race day strategies and recovery tips. Through our Race Day App, Athletes can view videos of the race course, find start times and important locations, or get breaking news about weather or delays.

PARTICIPATE: Create an Experience Your Athletes Won’t Forget

By partnering with Athlinks Services, your race day will be smooth and successful, thus creating an experience your participants and spectators will remember forever. Our ChronoTrack timing software and hardware ensures immediate, accurate, easily shareable results and hassle-free functionality. Our Race Day App is an all-inclusive hub to find and share information, follow the live action, and celebrate the race experience.

CELEBRATE: Provide Easy-to-Share Results, Photos and Videos

Athlinks Services makes finding and sharing participants’ results as easy—and fun—as possible. Through the Athlinks mobile app, participants can view live race results the moment they cross the finish line, and can share their results instantly and broadly with friends, family, and followers via SMS message, Facebook or Twitter post.

Operating under these five pillars, we now focus on the Athlete journey as a whole, and we provide the resources to improve each step in that journey. Our goal has been and always will be to improve the athlete experience.

We just launched our new Athlinks Services-branded website, so please take time to explore the site, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have at 1-855-709-4555.

These are exciting times for Athlinks and ChronoTrack. We hope you are as thrilled as we are about the move forward to Athlinks Services and the bright future for all of us that the new, improved, comprehensive Athlinks brand will provide.