If you haven’t noticed yet the holidays are upon us. And we’re in the spirit this year with gift certificates. Your Account Manager can have you up and running the same day you decide to offer them for your events. Or follow the instructions below to get yourself set up.

What do gift certificates mean for your event? More participants! With these online gift certificates anyone can give their friends and family the gift of health, fun, and your event experience. The more the merrier!

One of the great things about the gift certificate option is that it’s created as its own event. So you can promote a unique link to purchase them easily on your website and through your social media channels without any confusion with your registration path.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Create a separate Gift Certificate Event from the actual Competitive event.


STEP 2: Create a registration “Race” as Gift Certificate Purchase as shown below.


STEP 3: Create your registration choices for each of the denominations you want to sell.


STEP 4: Assign Reg choice to the specific Race “Gift Certificate purchase”.


STEP 5: Copy and edit the italicized content in the following:

I acknowledge that I am purchasing a non-refundable gift certificate to be used for the YYYY race.

Your gift certificate can be applied to registration fees associated with the matching registration choice within the YYYYYY race registration.

  • Upon completion of your gift certificate purchase today, you will receive a confirmation email which will include a discount code.  The code will show up under the title “Your Guest Pass Coupon” and begin with XXXX –followed by a unique set of letters/numbers.  It will be your responsibility to provide this discount code (including XXXXX –) to the individual you are purchasing the gift certificate for.  That individual will input their code when prompted while completing their registration for the YYYYY event

Please note that the gift certificate you are purchasing will cover standard registration fees up to the purchase value you have selected.

The gift certificate will not cover any merchandise nor will it cover any credit card processing and/or transaction fees that may apply.


STEP 6: Create Custom Question to ask who the gift certificate is being given to when done.


STEP 7: Ensure custom question maps to proper choices if you set up Gift certificates for different races within an event.


STEP 8: Require response for recipient’s name. In case they buy multiple they know which one goes to which person.



STEP 9: Create a Coupon set up as a “GUEST PASS” and set the expiration date.


STEP 10: Choose the Events for which this Gift Certificate will be assigned to and set the percentage it covers.


STEP 11: Release Registration updates and you are good to go.