Hey all you race directors and event organizers!  We just released a feature in ChronoTrack Live to help with race registration management. It allows admin users to hide registration choices in your online registration form. Huh?

Let me explain. When you’re planning a race, you may have some registration categories/options/choices that you want to offer to specific groups or individuals, but not necessarily to everyone who comes through your online registration form.

Say you have a registration choice that you only want to offer to a limited number of registrants (like a pasta dinner, for example). In the past, when that registration choice filled up, it continued to show in the online registration form, just grayed out and not selectable.

Now, you can completely remove the choice from the form, so registrants will not be able to view that registration choice at all. You can still manually add or upload entries to the hidden registration choice on the back end in ChronoTrack Live. You can also un-hide the registration choice at any time, and it will immediately be selectable once again within the online registration form.

Got that?

Here’s a screenshot of where you can find the functionality in the Edit Registration Choice window, from the Registration>Choices sub-tab in ChronoTrack Live (learn more here):




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