Planning a race can be a monumental project. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to plan a 5K for the first time, or you’re an industry veteran on your 50th event, there’s always more you can learn when it comes to the details of race management. So we’ve pulled together a 44-page guide on how to plan a 5K (or any race distance, really) to help get your creative juices flowing.

This is the first guide in a series of white papers, ebooks and guides on how to plan a race that ChronoTrack will be rolling out over the next few months. In this first guide we’ll cover each of the main topics you need to have on your race director checklist. From online registration tools, to sponsorship, to marketing and more, this guide will give you ideas on how to attack each of these different aspects of endurance event management.

Some of the chapters have been written by your peers and external industry experts, sharing their knowledge to help grow the endurance space. Others have been written by internal experts. All are meant to help newbies and industry veterans alike to spark ideas and help grow your event. Watch out for future guides that will dive deeper into individual topics that you can add to your toolkit. You can download the guide here.

In this first guide on how to plan a 5K, Race Directors will learn:

  • 12 steps to kick-start race planning
  • How to create a race budget
  • 5 rules to developing a race pricing strategy
  • Everything you need to know about online registration
  • Ins and outs of race permits
  • Logistics planning
  • Choosing your event staff
  • Preparing yourself for sponsors
  • 8 ways to attract race sponsors
  • Event marketing and race promotion
  • Everything you need to know about publicity What to do about merchandise

Good luck with your race and happy planning!

Download the guide here.