In an industry that has been changed by the decades, one organization and race has stood the test of time. This year, the Eversource Hartford Marathon will be celebrating its 25th year running. When you think about any organization serving its community for that long, it’s hard not think about commitment. Creating a legacy demands commitment to its participants, both Athletes and Spectators alike, its community and its environment. In this month’s Industry Spotlight we bring you an organization and a race who’s impact on the community reaches far beyond the start and finish line. From high standards of communication, to charitable donations, and all the details in between, read on to find out what makes this event so noteworthy.

25th Running Celebration

In 1994, a small group of runners started a legacy in Hartford when they staged the inaugural Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon. Over the next 25 years, more than 194,370 finishers have collectively run 2,392,415 miles on the streets of Hartford, Connecticut. The marathon has emerged as more than a 26.2-mile footrace; it is a powerful story of how a few dedicated citizens and a simple road race can unite and energize a community. We hope you will join us on October 13, 2018 to celebrate the achievements of these runners and the history of this race. 


From registration and race day perks, the Eversource Hartford Marathon organizers have thought of everything. They take care of the details so their Runners only have to focus on one thing: crossing that final timing mat.

Participants get to enjoy the process, before, during and after the event. Pre-event perks include ease of registration, multiple options for packet pick up, and a site stacked with Athlete-specific FAQ quicklinks. Whether you’re looking to get back in shape for the season or an experience runner, the the Hartford Marathon Foundation has training guides made just for you. Female participants are encouraged, via the website to join the “Girl Squad”, an all women run group that trains for the Hartford Marathon races. In addition to the standard Swag bag – a finishers tech shirt, a medal, water bottle, snack bag, food and drink and an ice cold beer waiting at the finish line – all Athletes have the option to “upgrade” and receive even more coveted Hartford Marathon Swag.

“Extra perks” (as the race likes to call them) include everything from a heated VIP tent, personalized bibs, and VIP parking. When being well taken care of and becoming an informed race participant is so easy, it’s no wonder thousands of participants come back for more year after year. For more information on everything the participants have to enjoy, visit the Runners tab on Eversource Hartford Marathon website.


While the main focus of the event is safely getting all it’s participants over that finish line and setting them up for success on race day, you simply can’t forget about the ones who help drive the energy: the Spectators. Whether you’re at the start and finish line cheering your loved ones on, or you simply came downtown to enjoy the spectacle of the event, staying engaged and entertained at the Hartford Marathon is a non-issue. With multiple food and beverage vendors, live music at practically every race mile and vendors lining the festival area, the event has done everything to make sure everyone has a good time.

To make race day easier for everyone, Event Organizers have posted course maps of all race lengths, entertainment schedules as well as detailed FAQ’s posted on the event’s dedicated Spectators page. Spectators never have to worry about missing their Athlete because each year the Event Organizers put together lists of “Best Places to Watch” for both the Marathon and Half Marathon races. In addition to where to watch, Hartford organizers help Spectators navigate the best access roads while the event is in progress. Through simple, yet thorough communication, the event is committed to making Race Day enjoyable for all who make it downtown.


In the event industry, too often the care of our race environment is put on the back burner. Trash, waste, and our carbon footprints become event collateral damage. Many organizers do what they can – putting out what feels like thousands of trash bins along the course and aid stations, using recycled or compostable cups, sending volunteers by the masses to sweep the festival area and much more. The Eversource Hartford Marathon believes they can do better. The Hartford Marathon Foundation (HMF) is committed to taking all possible measures to make each of its over 30 annual events as environmentally friendly as possible, while at the same time, educating and encouraging participants, volunteers, and spectators to do the same. 

In keeping with these beliefs, these eco-friendly practices can be observed first hand each year at the Eversource Hartford Marathon:

  • The Water Bubbler
  • Composting with UCONN
  • Resport Certification
  • The Solar Trailer
  • Live Green Community

For more information on each of these efforts visit the Sustainability page on the Eversource Hartford Marathon website.


The Eversource Hartford Marathon is proud of the many generous Athletes who run for a cause and use the marathon, half marathon, Team 26.2 relay or Charity 5K as a fundraiser. As of October 9th, over $75,000 has been raised this year and will be going directly back into the Hartford and surrounding New England communities. Participants are encouraged to consider running, walking, volunteering or fundraising for one of the event’s official charities; however, participants can also create a team or join the effort for a cause they believe in on the Event Fundraising page

The Hartford Marathon has created a legacy by proving that taking care of the little things can have a big (25 year) impact. We encourage Event Organizers and Timers to reflect on the little things that can take your event to the next level. Commit to not just the runners, but those watching your runners, the community that hosts your event, and if you’re able, commit to the ground on which your runners tread.

To learn more about the Hartford Marathon or how to register for the 25th Running on October 13th, visit the Registration page. For those last minute race commitments, Onsite Registration will be open Thursday and Friday, and can be completed at the event Expo location.

To find out more about how you can take advantage of the many Athlinks Services products that have helped the Hartford Marathon throughout the years, such as Series and Onsite Registration, Launch Teams and Team Brackets, Merchandise Sales, Athlinks Results and more, reach out to