Introducing the ChronoTrack Media Uploader, a new-generation tool for media submissions, and just the start to our evolution of reliable, revenue-generating media products.

The foundational goal of this product is to ensure your media submissions reach our image servers with competence and efficiency. You can now upload media with confidence, irrespective of your available internet bandwidth, as our new partnership with Electron Apps will ensure 100% of your photos and videos make it into the CT Live Admin platform for your management. In addition, the intuitively designed User Interface will optimize to reduce training and support requests.

Did we mention it’s aesthetically pleasing, too?uploader video screenshot

Real-Time Status Progress Bar

The new ChronoTrack Media Uploader takes the guesswork out of media uploading, as we’re now able to provide greater insights into the progress of your media submissions. With our new tool, you’re informed on the status of submissions in real-time.

Step Away with Confidence

Improving upon our old Media Manager uploading tool, we’ve created the ChronoTrack Media Uploader with you and your time in mind. Queue up your media and step away from your computer while the ChronoTrack Media Uploader goes to work on ALL available content presented to the application. Gone are the days of staying close to your computer, cycling through each media job submission by camera, in order to ensure a successful upload. Simply and confidently build out your job queue and get back to the next item of business.

Don’t sweat intermittent internet connectivity, the new media uploader application is reliable throughout downtime and will restore connectivity and begin where it left off. As a result, use of the tool will afford you greater efficiency in completing the media submission at hand. Avoid the consequential task of restarting the media submission from the beginning (a far-too-often inconvenient task with our previous media upload tool, Media Manager).

Backed by Electron Apps

By partnering with Electron, we’re operating in a space that has the proven capability to host companies such as WhatsApp, Skype, Slack and WordPress.

The power of this technology provides a variety of features and opportunities, including but not limited to: large file management, recovery, auto-updating, accessibility, native menus, performance reporting, large content quantity processing, and quick iterative engineer development cycles when needed. 


In addition to the Key Features above, here’s a list of all the additional features you can expect from the ChronoTrack Media Uploader tool:

  • Flexible User Administration and accessibility
  • MAC and PC compatibility
  • Job queue: supporting back-to-back continuous media submissions
  • Auto-updating application
  • Drag-n-Drop file selection supported
  • Multi-tiered DCIM camera folder structure supported
  • Uploads regardless of bandwidth speed reliability
  • Large .jpg submission supported (i.e. 10MB file size)

Start Your Improved Media Journey Today

You can find the Athlinks Media Uploader tool under the Media Tab in your CT Live Admin portal. As a CT Live Media user, simply download the application, have your Media Authorization Code at the ready, and you’ll be uploading media with us in no time!

Going forward, we ask that you discontinue your use of our “ChronoTrack Live Media Manager” product, as we will no longer have a team dedicated to the development of this product.

Familiarize yourself today on how to immediately start uploading your photos and videos, by checking out out our KnowledgeBase documentation on how to properly use the Athlinks Media Uploader. For a preview of the User Interface, and a snapshot look at how easy it is to start utilizing the ChronoTrack Media Uploader tool, check out the .gif below.

KB article .gif

CT Media Manager vs. ChronoTrack Media Uploader

In an effort to onboard our clients to this amazing asset, it’s important for us to be transparent with the few features that will not be at parity between our old tool, Media Manager and our new tool, the ChronoTrack Media Uploader:

Aspect Ratio

  • Media Manager: Accepts non-3×2 aspect ratio
  • ChronoTrack Media Uploader: Requires 3×2 aspect ratio. For more information on camera setting requirements, check out our KnowledgeBase article here.

Video File Type

  • Media Manager: Accepts .flv and .mp4 files
  • ChronoTrack Media Uploader: Requires .mp4. For more information on video requirements, check out our KnowledgeBase article here.

5 Seconds to Market (Live Photo Feed)

  • Media Manager: Streamed with internet 
  • ChronoTrack Media Uploader: Live photo upload is currently not an available feature. Photos will need to be uploaded all together, post-event.

If you are unfamiliar with our FREE Athlinks Service Media platform, you’ll find everything you need to know here. With any questions or follow up, please reach out directly to Product Manager, Micah Rennels, at