Say hello to the latest in middleware innovation and technology. We’re excited to announce the addition of Fusion to our integrated suite of race day solutions. We have received awesome feedback from those who have beta tested this new product and we are excited to share the latest in its features and functionality.

StreamCards – Simplifying the management of your session data is a must. With StreamCards you can combine session data into common streams that allows you to quickly view each stream by course location.

fusion streamcards

RaceView – Viewing all of your data in one place at one time is a game changer. After adding active streams to your StreamCards you can toggle over to RaceView. This screen view within Fusion allows you to keep an eye on overall stream stats and see all session info at a glance. Simply click into each stream to view more detailed information about individual sessions.

fusion raceview

CTLive Import – Gone are the days of doing duplicate work when setting up event information. Logging into Fusion with your CTLive credentials and importing the Event ID will automatically create a new event and upload saved timing devices. All that’s left to do is add sessions to your streams as needed.

ctlive import

Remote Control – Viewing controller status, viewing and acknowledging alerts and changing reader settings is possible from the comfort of your computer. Fusion allows you to view a robust set of controller properties and make changes when needed through a simple ethernet connection to your hardware setup.

controller status

Already a customer? Get started with Fusion today – visit the Timer’s Portal to download the latest version. Want to learn more? Check out the Fusion webpage and Release Notes here.

We’re always here to help. If you have questions that need answers, give us a ring at 855-709-4555.