Goodie bags have been ubiquitous to the racing world for years; useful to both sponsors, who can connect directly with the consumer, and runners, who view it as a perk for paying their registration fees. However, in recent years the race swag bag ideas have evolved, and their overall effectiveness has been called into question by some.

When swag bags were most effective, they would be stuffed with samples of popular products, coupons from sponsors and useful items like water bottles or visors. Now the swag bag has become a commodity for some. Often times a plastic bag filled with flyers and advertisements; goodie bags have, in many cases, become a point of annoyance instead of interest. Runners must dig through what feels like countless sheets of paper just to find a few small samples like a miniature energy bar or adhesive bandage sample, ending with a sense that they have been cheated. Race swag bags have the potential to become stale.

However, for all you goodie-bag enthusiasts out there, no need to fret, exciting race swag bag ideas are not completely gone. Because fewer races are offering great swag bags, a race can differentiate itself by offering interesting products. Samples of new products are a big hit with runners who are always looking for ways to improve their training and eating habits. An age-old favorite, the official race t-shirt is always a hit and still going strong. It gives runners a memento of the race that they can display on a daily basis and take out of the house, unlike a medal.

Pilsner glass giveaways at events with a beer sponsor are a huge crowd pleaser and a great way for the races to have a social media presence created by runners sharing selfies with their new branded pint glasses. There are races out there that have already mastered the art of the race swag bag, and people in the running community have been taking note of these envy-worthy race swag bag ideas. In conjunction with the traditional race swag bag, virtual swag bags have recently become another option for sponsors. Eliminating paper flyers, and allowing runners to view them online; this eco-friendly option appeals to race coordinators who are trying to cut down on costs.

Race day swag bags are iconic, and a bad one can create just as much buzz as the great ones. Thought and planning must be put in to keep them as useful tools for sponsors and exciting rewards for the runners. When planning your next race we hope you keep these ideas in mind, and continue to develop the tradition of swag bags as a notable part of the race experience.

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