We’re excited to announce that Launch, our offline packet pickup, check-in and bib/tag assignment tool is officially available for download. The 13th Annual Pat’s Run used the tool at their packet pickup for over 30,000 participants.

Here’s what they had to say:

Using Launch for this year’s race has been a huge improvement from previous years.  The onsite experience has been great because we do not have to worry about having a bad internet connection since Launch operates all offline.  Now we have happy athletes who do not have to wait in the sun in long lines to get their bib numbers; it’s a streamlined process.” – Sandy Flynn, Pat’s Run Event Director.

Packet Pickup for Every Race Size

Launch was designed with Race Directors and Timers like you in mind. It’s our most intuitive software to date. All the information you need is available at a glance because we focused on the core complexity of a Packet Pickup, and cut out the fluff.  Here are some of the key ways Launch can help you on race weekend:

  • You can have a real-time count on how many people have checked in, making volunteer staffing more accurate as the day progresses.
  • The self-service athlete kiosk view allows athletes to manually look themselves up or scan a barcode to find their bib number and check for accuracy of their information.
  • Volunteers can check-in athletes and assign bibs/tags without the need for internet connectivity. With our unique kiosk router connection, any information updated on one volunteer kiosk will update in real-time with the other volunteer kiosks to ensure no duplications occur.
  • All changes made offline auto-sync with ChronoTrack Live when internet connection becomes available.
  • Electronic waivers are available for athletes to sign at packet pick-up and stored in the cloud for safekeeping.
  • Athlete bib look-up, packet pick-up, and bib/tag assignments are all processed faster and more accurately; eliminating manual processing errors and post-event admin work after the race.

Our Sync Engine = Your Safety Net

Launch’s unique architecture is designed to run online, offline, or with unreliable internet access. You no longer need to worry about internet speed and reliability because the Sync Engine seamlessly handles the rest – ensuring that all changes are pushed to ChronoTrack Live when the connectivity gods allow.

No Connectivity? No Problem

Volunteers can work offline with current athlete information within the Volunteer Kiosk view, quickly assigning bib and tag numbers to athletes. For those with pre-assigned bib numbers, Launch provides a quick way to check athletes in. Quick, responsive athlete search keeps the lines moving and creates a seamless experience for your athletes and volunteers alike.

Lightning Fast Athlete Search

We know athletes hate waiting in line, which is why our design team is obsessed with extracting every second from search. Whether scanning a barcode or typing, we designed search and bib assignment to be as intuitive as possible for first time volunteers and athletes alike. Launch’s customizable Athlete Kiosk displays non-editable athlete information that is perfect for quick bib number lookups. Our unique design allows volunteers and athletes to all work from the same database while keeping the lines moving. Your athlete’s will be impressed by quick access to their athlete information on race day.

Bulletproof Data

Launch’s modular design provides you the flexibility to customize your race day setup to fit individual race needs. Whether you are hosting packet pickup for a small 100 participant fun run or running an expo for a 50,000+ participant event. The number of kiosks you connect to the host computer is completely up to you. The best part is that all the changes made on these kiosks are synced to the cloud, preventing any loss of updates or overwriting of data. That’s why we call it bulletproof data.

Say Goodbye to Paper Waivers

Tired of storing paper copies of participant waivers? Launch provides a modern solution for your storage space woes. Electronic waivers available on the platform eliminate the need for paper printouts, protect you from the dreaded “lost waiver,” and most importantly, allow your athletes to breeze through packet pickup as fast as possible. After athletes sign their waiver, it’s shipped to the cloud for safe keeping and your peace of mind.

Launch is available for download today. Visit the ChronoTrack Live Downloads page to get started.

Want to learn more? Check out the Launch webpage and data sheet.

Have questions? Reach out to us at 855-709-4555. We’re always here to help.