Why FlashPoints are important and when to use them.

What’s the buzz about matless splits? Maybe you’ve already adopted a matless timing system. Or, alternately, maybe you’re not yet sure what matless is all about. Sure—it’s a timing system (cleverly named FlashPoint), minus the mats. But it’s far more than that, with multiple benefits you may have never considered.

There’s a reason why, when FlashPoint technology was first introduced in 2013, events like the New York City Marathon adopted it immediately—with great success. FlashPoints are seamless and simple, plus absolutely unique to Athlinks Services. No other technology works as well, period.

What’s so great about FlashPoints? We’re glad you asked.


Ease Of Transport And Set Up

One of the first features you’ll notice when using FlashPoint technology is just how easy it is—and how much it eases the burden for you and your crew. The simple set up benefits of FlashPoints include:

  • Use less equipment—the system is lighter and easier to deploy
  • No mats to carry—this bears repeating, as no one likes hauling mats around!
  • Perfect for late road closures – forget deploying Gators before your first runners arrive; FlashPoints provide quick setup in these situations.

Exceptional Splits

The ability to include additional—and highly accurate—checkpoints along your course benefits athletes, spectators, and race staff alike. FlashPoints provide exceptional timing and live tracking service by:

Unparalleled Accuracy

FlashPoint technology provides the accuracy and detail that athletes and spectators crave. Flashpoints are high functioning antennas placed along the course. The antennas pass information to the controllers, where the data is locally stored and uploaded to the cloud where it can be scored. This seamless relay of data enables the following:

  • Splits and results are recorded and available throughout the race and immediately at the finish
  • Athletes are able to view and analyze their performance on specific sections of the course
  • Ability to collect far more data on course with the addition of split points
  • Accuracy is equal to gator lines (again, minus the mats)

Enhanced Flexibility

One of the most important benefits of FlashPoint technology is what you don’t see—the missing mats—and why this matters. It’s more than just the appeal of uncluttered checkpoints (although those are nice, too). Consider these reasons to try FlashPoints:

  • They’re an optimal solution for bike races, with side-mounted antennas, specially designed RFID tags for bike posts, and no mats on the ground for athletes to ride over
  • They’re an ideal solution for any type of race—think downhill and Nordic skiing; we’ve even had timers use FlashPoints (and only FlashPoints) for out-of-the-box events like street luge, rollerblade races and kayak events
  • Matless FlashPoints can be set up in advance of road closures; they’re also a perfect choice for courses with unclosed roads or paths
  • FlashPoint technology allows for a single redundant finish line

Convinced that FlashPoints are worth a try? We’d love to get you started with this cutting-edge technology that delivers more, yet requires less.

For more information on FlashPoint technology or any other race management and timing tools in the suite of Athlinks Services, visit our website here, or call 855-709-4555.