We are excited to introduce the latest version of our MiniTrack controller firmware, Version, open to ALL ChronoTrack Timers.

Our team started this project with a single goal: Establish a new standard of performance & reliability for the world’s most widely-used controller. Originally released in 2010, this milestone marks the first full “ground-up” rewrite of our Mini controller software. Included in this build is new functionality like GPS support and simultaneous Active & Passive tag on a single controller. Additionally, this paves the way for full Remote Control.

Below you will find the following details included in this release:

    • GPS Time Support
    • Active System Improvements
    • Menu Additions & Enhancements
    • General Improvements
    • Instructions for Download

GPS Time Support

Timers will be required to source the GPS module themselves. For Domestic Timers, you can find the recommended module USGlobalSat BU353-S4, by following this link.

For International Timers we recommend you search online for module USGlobalSat BU353-S4. If you have any issues procuring these modules, please reach out and we will work with you to find a solution.

    • GPS is recognized on the LED with a blinking “g”. When the blinking ‘g” is solid this means that the GPS has acquired a lock and has an accurate time.
      • Due to the nature of GPS, acquiring an initial time lock can take anywhere from 1-13 min.
    • Once a controller is on GPS Time, that is the source of truth for that controller and cannot be changed while GPS is plugged in.
    • New GPS Menu added, 4.6 status will show countdown to lock and also set time zone offsets
      • Not setting a time zone will set the controller to UTC time

For instructions on setting time on your MiniTrack controller, including specific instruction on enabling GPS time sync, read the dedicated KnowledgeBase article here.

Active System Improvements

    • Users are now able to use Active and Passive tags simultaneously
    • Added an indicator to the LED screen that the Active System is recognized (*)
    • Menu 8.4 is the status menu for Active System
    • Menu 8.6 allows Passive antennas to be toggled on and off while Active is in use. If you are only using the Active, turning Passive off will save battery power.

Menu Additions & Enhancements

    • Menu 1.3.1 now allows you to edit your event and point names instead of using configuration file
    • Menus 3.3.4 and 3.3.5 are new menu items allowing USB power to be cycled or reset in case of issues in the field.
      • This should only be in case of emergencies, unless directed by Timer Support
    • Menu 3.3.7 replaces Aux Tag CMD Code functionality
    • Menu 3.5 allows you to insert an .ini file and update the controller
      • Previously this was only done when rebooting the controller.
    • Menu 3.6 is a diagnostic menu that will illuminate LED’s and test keypad buttons.

For the complete list of Menu Shortcuts + Commands, visit the dedicated KnowledgeBase article here.

General Improvements

    • New! GPIO Functionality
    • New! Marker File fixes
    • New! Manual time entry, aka Keyed Reads, is now functional
    • Both Revolution and Turbo Readers can be upgraded via thumbdrive
    • Decreased average boot time by 6 seconds
    • Random Restarts – controller will turn off and turn back on by itself; noted sporadically and without reason but since resolved with the refactor
    • “Permanent Data Drive Loss” error message. Added functionality in the form of an external drive, in case of emergencies, that will create a redundant file as a back up if the internal drive is lost

[Instructions for Download]

To download, login to the Timer Portal web page and visit the Downloads Section. Select Firmware >> MiniTrack >> For instructions on how to update your controller, visit the KnowledgeBase Article here.

As with any and all of our releases, if you have questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Hardware Product Manager, Micah Rennels, at mrennels@chronotrack.com.


We look forward to sharing our work with our customers, and continuing to be leaders in the timing industry!