We’ve made some changes to how teams appear in the online registration path to help improve the athlete experience and clear up issues on the back end. Read on to learn more:

We used to show a text field where a registrant would either type the name of an existing team (which would then populate in a drop down beneath the field) or type in a new team name. Now we show 3 radio dial options, resulting in a clearer user experience for the registrant:

  • Register as an individual
  • Join existing team
  • Create new team



Note: These radio dials can be shown/hidden depending on the particular settings of the event.

OPTION 1: We selected, “Join existing team”. When you type part of the name of the team, any matching results will show beneath the field as options to select. If the existing team is part of a team bracket, the parameters of that bracket as they relate to the team will also be displayed (example – number of spots remaining on the team).

Once the existing team is selected (denoted by the check box), the “Next” button is enabled and the registrant can proceed through the form:



OPTION 2: We selecte, “Create new team”. This is a pretty simple text field that just holds the name of the new team being created. If the team name entered matches an existing team name, an error message is thrown and the registrant is not able to advance. This solves a major problem with the old design in that people would enter the name of an existing team, click the Next button, and think they had created a new team when really they had just joined an existing team. This is no longer possible with the new design:



Biggest problems solved by this new design:

  • There is no longer any confusion about registering as an individual vs. creating a team vs. joining a team, as these are now 3 separate options. This was confusing with the old design, since there was a single text field for joining/creating teams. Registrants that weren’t joining or creating a team needed to know to just leave the field blank and move on.
  • In the past, some registrants would type in the name of a team that they wanted to create, and they were able to advance through registration even if the team name they typed in already existed in the system. This would result in them joining the existing team (potentially someone else’s team that already had their name). This is no longer possible since we throw an error message if someone types in the name of an existing team after selecting “Create new team”.
  • We were able to eliminate a large explanatory block of text at the top of the slide since the page is so much more intuitive to the user with the new design.
  • Team bracket (and other) settings now display for existing teams when registrants attempt to join existing teams (ex. the team captain of the team is shown, the age range of permitted members, and the number of vacant spots remaining on the team).