Race day is the pinnacle of everything we do here at Athlinks Services; it’s the day we all work, dream, and design our industry-leading products for. With the same passion as athletes preparing to participate in an event, we’re devoted to creating sophisticated yet simple-to-use solutions that enhance race day for everyone.

By partnering with Athlinks Services, you will create an experience your participants and spectators will remember forever. That will make your work on race day smooth and successful. To provide your athletes, spectators, and staff with the best event experience possible, take advantage of our cutting-edge timing technology and our new Race Day App.

Cutting-Edge Timing Technology

Behind the scenes, our ChronoTrack timing software and hardware ensures immediate, accurate, easily shareable results and hassle-free functionality. With our state-of-the-art timing technology, including Launch packet pickup, Fusion remote monitoring and control, Smart Corral, Active and Passive Tags, Pro 2 Controllers, and more, we have your every timing need covered, start to finish.

Race Day App

race day appOur Race Day App is an all-inclusive hub to find and share information, follow the live action, and celebrate the race experience. With the Race Day App, participants can breeze through packet pickup without waiting in line or needing an Internet connection. Athletes and spectators can view maps and videos of the course. Plus, receive critical updates regarding last minute course changes or delays.

Spectators can follow athletes through live GPS tracking on the Race Day App. Participants can receive pace and distance data in the thick of competition. They can also see live results the moment they cross the finish line. These can be easily shared results with friends and family via SMS message or Facebook or Twitter post.

The Race Day App also benefits your sponsors. With opportunities to display their logo, host video messaging and offer sponsor-supported promotions, they can gain additional exposure and further connect with participants.

Race day is something your participants have long been thinking about. With Athlinks Services, you can make event logistics as seamless as possible. Your athletes can focus on what’s truly important—having an unforgettable experience when they participate in your event on race day.

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