We’ve recently released a new ChronoTrack Live function that allows you to customize multiple registration forms for a single race. Customization allows you to expand the value that you offer to multiple sponsors, corporate partners, or charities for a single event; to share personalized information or pricing with specific participant groups; and to gain additional information about your athletes.

Some of the unique features of custom registration forms include:

  • Ability to add sponsor branding to each form
  • Individual forms can have different pricing
  • Separate tracking to see which registrations come through each form
  • Auto-open times
  • Ability to add custom questions to each registration path
  • All entries feed into the same race

To get started with ChronoTrack Live custom registration forms, you’ll need to enable the feature following these step-by-step directions. Or, contact your regional manager or customer support—we’re here and happy to help. We can’t wait for you to start using custom registration forms, and ultimately enhance what you’re able to offer your partners and your participants alike.