Race Registration Software

We devise race registration software, race management solutions, and unparalleled customer service that solves problems and inspires customer loyalty.

ChronoTrack race registration software is industry tested and trusted to deliver ultra-efficient and easy-to-use race management solutions. We provide a robust toolkit designed to manage registration, drive athletes to your event, capture every possible registration, streamline data management, and track your success.

Manage Registration

Customize and control branding across registration forms, digital communications, and more. Find the tools you need to operate every aspect of your event, including price phases, entry limits, discounts, athlete information, and filtering data collection by audience. Efficiently manage registration forms, teams, race changes, email campaigns, product questions, bib assignments and charity donations.

Drive Athletes to Your Event

With results partner Athlinks backing your event, take advantage of a direct marketing platform powered by the fastest growing endurance sports database. Target potential participants through Athlete history, performance, and geography and allow your Athletes to share their timing results to their favorite social sites. 

Once you’ve captured an Athlete’s interest, offer individual referral tools, allowing you to track and reward refer-a-friend registrations.

Stay Open Until the Start

Integrated seamlessly with ChronoTrack race registration software, our onsite registration tool Launch allows you to capture last-minute registration the week and day of your event. Not only does the Launch technology allow you to keep registration open until the last minute, Launch’s dynamic bib assignment is the tech that gives you a real-time count on how many people have checked in with or without connectivity. Launch enables electronic waiver collection, eliminating paper waste, and provides you with lightning fast bib look-up, packet pickup and bib/tag assignment.

Streamline Data Management

Our unique platform consolidates staff and activities all in one place. Online registration, on-site registration, and race check-in are all managed in one system. Paperless on-site registration solutions eliminate manual data entry errors and paper waste. Registration, scoring and results all live on the same platform, eliminating the need for data transfer. 

Have a different scoring software you’re already familiar with? ChronoTrack Registration can still be your solution; we integrate seamlessly with many of the various popular scoring softwares on the market.  

Track Your Success

Get real-time visibility into your event, your promotions, and your athlete data. ChronoTrack Analytics Dashboards highlight year over year event statistics by automatically linking your previous year’s event. Manage your data-integrity through role-based access, and utilize standard reporting tools + custom reports to filter the data based on your needs, pre, during and post event.

Full Race Management Solutions Include:

  • Customizable Event Setup
  • Custom Registration Forms 
  • Custom Registration Questions
  • Lottery Registration
  • Athlete Management
  • Team Registrations
  • Team Management
  • Wave/Bracket Management
  • Coupons
  • Referral Programs
  • Donations
  • Email Communications
  • Self-service Race Changes & Deferrals
  • On-site Registration
  • Dynamic Bib Assignment
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Data Checks
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager 
  • Finisher Video
  • Athlete Photos
  • Sponsored Pre-roll Video 
  • Branded Photo Overlays
  • Custom/Branded Finisher Certificates 

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