It happens all the time… An athlete is training for your race, they get injured and they can’t participate.  In most cases, they’re S.O.L.  If you can swing it, you might give them a partial refund, or transfer them to another race.  But then YOU are S.O.L.

So what’s the solution?  A third-party insurance that takes on the risk, works directly with the affected athlete, AND provides a FULL registration refund for covered reasons (without you ever needing to get involved).

And covered reasons are all over the map.  They include things like:

  • Unforseen illness
  • Injury
  • Travel delays
  • Military duty
  • Pregnancy
  • Job loss
  • Even your car breaking down within 24-48 hours of the event

As an event organizer, you become the hero who helped the athlete save her money during a difficult situation.  Yet, you don’t have to DO anything or get involved (beyond offering the insurance during registration).

Your athletes have peace of mind to register when they first get wind of your event.  No more waiting until the last minute to make sure all those unknowns are out of the way.

They register early, you get registration fees in earlier to pay your bills, and you don’t have to account for refunds that are covered by the insurance.  It’s a win-win…win situation!

Contact your Regional Manager to find out more about the registration refund program and to have it added to your registration path.

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