CTLive Registration provides all the tools you need to manage your event. However, beyond providing just the basics, the competitive advantage of our reg platform is that it is vertically integrated with our entire stack of products. In addition to managing all the pieces of your event in a single location, we provide a robust toolkit designed to amplify your experience (and your customer’s experience) with our registration product.

Drive Athletes to Your Event

  • Maximize number of registrations with direct marketing to the fastest growing database of endurance athletes
  • Create and track incentives for athletes to drive participation through integrated social platforms
  • Offer individual referral tools, allowing you to track and reward referrals

Streamline Data Management

  • Consolidate staff and activities in one central location
  • Manage online and onsite registration and race check-in through one system
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors with paperless onsite registration
  • Eliminate the need for data transfer by using one single platform

Capture More Registrations

  • Capture last-minute registration the week and day of your event
  • Eliminate the need to close online registration early with our dynamic bib assignment

Track Your Success

  • Get real-time visibility into your event, your promotions and athlete data
  • Track referral and social promotions
  • Manage data integrity through role-based access
  • Utilize standard reports with ability to filter and view data
  • Create custom reports

It is truly unlike any other registration product on the market. But don’t take our word for it, take it from one of your fellow Race Directors and Timers, Matt Helbig, CEO / Founder of Big River Race Management:

“By using CTLive Registration, we can manage every element of registration – online registration, onsite registration and race check-in. It eliminates the need for athlete data transfer and reduces manual data entry errors. No other registration platform can do that for us.”

Switching over to CTLive Registration will save you time, eliminate room for error and make you more money. Period. What are you waiting for? Read more on our website and contact your Regional Manager to learn more about the benefits of CTLive Registration.