Release Notes

Ability to Change Pace Unit and Distance Preference –

We’re thrilled provide Athletes the ability to change their Distance and Pace Unit Preferences on any Individual Result Page. This new feature is crucial for international Events and also a welcome enhancement for Events that pull Athletes from all over the globe. This latest feature builds on another recent release that displays Interval Pace Units the same way they are defined within CT Live.

Here are some additional notes:

  • The toggle affects both Distance and Pace
  • By default, this toggle is set to No Preference
  • If a User wishes to turn the User Preference off they can simply click or touch the activated choice
  • We store the User’s Preference locally which means the next time they come back to the site or view a different IRP, the User Preference will persist.
  • This feature currently only applies to (WWW). An updated version of the App will be coming soon.

Here is the default view:


Here is the same page, but with a User Preference activated

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