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Athlinks Branded Finisher Certificates- Phase 1 release

Just like that, Athlinks is now in the Finisher Certificate game. After a successful custom Digital Finisher Certificate release for the 2018 Fitbit Miami Marathon held January 28th, 2018 and quick follow by our development team, we now offer “Finisher Certificates” to all athletes.

SCHEDULED RELEASE PHASE 1: February 28th, 2018. The Athlinks Platform now hosts “Digital Finisher Certificates” on every Individual Results Page (IRP). Digital Finisher Certificates are instantly downloadable on browsers in .jpg format [1200×630] and will include Event Name, Athlete Name, Event Date, Event Course, Athlete Finish Time and Athlete Pace (when applicable) exclusively on In addition, our Digital Finisher Certificates will have pre-selected non-optional background graphics to accompany the Athlinks race type. We’ll have (10) different background graphics to start in PHASE 1 to best represent the Athlinks race type and will include our Athlinks logo. In addition, we’re pleased to announce Digital Finisher certificates will be freely downloadable to all users [Athlinks Members and Non-Members] as we continue to drive forward with our “ATHLETE FIRST” approach here in the market. Go check out an IRP [Individual Results Page] on today to check it our first hand. ***A quick follow to our PHASE 1 release will include user access of Digital Finisher Certificates on the Athlinks Native App and browser Facebook sharing of the Finisher Certificates (estimating mid-March 2018)***

SCHEDULED PHASE 2 RELEASE: End of March 2018. Will include the following features exclusive to ChronoTrack LIVE scored events and at no charge to the timer for the present time: [Athlinks will assign a value of $0.10 USD/per finisher for this custom certificate service]

  • Custom upload of a CT LIVE Admin user submitted background image and image cropping tool
  • Black or White text overlay for your custom uploaded background image/graphic
  • (4) Event Date Format settings catering to Domestic and International customers
  • Certificate preview- so you can ensure your finisher certificate delivery will be as desired on event day
  • Pick a Athlinks stock background image and locked font color to guarantee flawless use and showcase of a finisher certificate
  • Enable and Disable control of Digital Finisher Certificates on the Athlinks Platform for athlete consumption [App and browser]

PHASE 3 RELEASE: Is still in discovery but we’re looking at options to introduce splits or triathlon legs for a more dynamic certificate offering that would be exclusive to ChronoTrack LIVE scored events. Also, planned release and introduction of Overall Ranking, Gender Ranking and Age Group Ranking on the Digital Finisher Certificate. Finally, we’ll be looking at possible enabling and disabling of content population per a certificate, alternative text placement templates, other types of social network outlet sharing and sponsored logo certificate placement features.

PHASE (1) initial notables:

  • Athlinks now supports and only host Finisher Certificates to any and all athletes that have an official finish time. Whether CT scored or Athlinks submitted results, you’ll have finisher certificates available to the athletes you service
  • Only includes athlete finish time for now [PHASE 3 will offer additional timing data and placements]
  • We are unable to disable finisher certificate offering from an Athlinks Individual Finisher Certificate [PHASE 2 will offer this feature however to CT scored events]
  • Won’t have custom backgrounds/graphics available [PHASE 2 will offer this feature for CT scored events]. Custom submitted backgrounds in CT LIVE Admin, with the release of PHASE 2, would also be retro active for athletes in past events.

We’re excited to provide the new industry standard in endurance athlete finisher certificates neatly packaged with race results & media. We’re confident, by leveraging our vast network of highly skilled Timers, we’ll build premium backend Finisher Certificate tooling, athlete sharing, athlete social content on our Athlinks Social Network, event exposure marketing and monetization opportunities [printable certificates on photographic paper for purchase] defining the market for a Finisher Certificate product.





Have input? Touch base with Sean P. Walkinshaw, Athlinks Digital Media and App Product Manager, at



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