Release Notes Bug Fixes and Enhancements

We have released the following bug fixes and enhancements to

  • General
    • Google has indexed legacy Athlinks pages that needed re-directs to the current Athlinks pages
    • If the page takes 20+ seconds to load, then we will re-direct the user to an error page
    • You can now select test in order to copy and paste
  • Event Page > Start List
    • For events that have 2 of the same course pattern, we are no longer duplicating athletes on the start list
  • Event Page > Results > Individual Results
    • For Individual Results that have splits, we know show the splits are loading in the case that it is taking a while to retrieve the split data
  • Event Page > About
    • For the AJC Peachtree Race, we are now showing Learn More instead of Register
    • The extended event description is being displayed now in the same font style as the standard event description
    • Clicking on the “Race is Today” banner will now take the user to the Event Results Page

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