Release Notes Bug Fixes & Enhancements

We have released the following bug fixes and enhancements to

  • Event Page > Results > Event Results
    • We no longer show the ability to “Add Your Time” on the Event Results for races that are linked to CTLive
    • Made some updates to the design of Event Page Results
    • The division dropdown is now in alphabetical order
  • Claim Results
    • We fixed the modal for claiming results with more user-friendly language.
  • Event Page > Start List
    • We fixed the start list sorting and you can now sort the start list by any of the column headers
    • We no longer show private profiles on the Start List
  • Profile > Results
    • You can now group your results by event so you can see how you have performed year-over-year
  • Profile > Messages
    • We fixed some issues with messages
  • General
    • On the 404 and 500 error pages, we fixed the search bar to work correctly

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