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Athlinks Custom Finisher Certificates- PHASE 2 RELEASE

After a variety of user input from our ChronoTrack Timers, Event Organizers and Athletes, we’re pleased to announce our next phase of development for our Athlinks Finisher’s Certificate offering on schedule: Custom Finisher Certificates.

Exclusive to our ChronoTrack LIVE Scoring users, “Timer roles” now have access to a new tab in ChronoTrack LIVE Admin that will facilitate & support the management of Custom Finisher Certificates. This service is currently at no cost; however, Athlinks Services is assigning a value of $0.10 USD/per athlete when our Custom Finisher Certificate feature is utilized to demonstrate the market value of this premium feature. The ChronoTrack LIVE scoring software will bring accuracy & connectivity to the athletes (and spectators)- all in concert with each other. As you make race scoring & timing adjustments, in real-time, certificates will automatically be updated to reflect the most accurate appointed certificate-timing data. No need to upload multiple versions of certificate data and be worried what version is what. All the control lives with our Scoring tool. I hope this becomes a great resource to you and your organization as it elevates your “timer offering” to your clients.

SCHEDULED RELEASE PHASE 2: Friday, March 30th, 2018. The ChronoTrack LIVE Admin platform enables the “Finisher’s Certificate” tab for your immediate use and publishing of custom finisher certificates, found under:

Access the applicable ChronoTrack LIVE Event>Scoring tab>Results Options sub-tab>Finisher’s Certificates sub-tab to access our Finisher Certificate tooling.

This PHASE 2 release will enable you to do the following and activate a brand new service you can provide to your clients:


  • Built-in custom .jpg background upload tool
  • Built-in custom background cropping tool
  • Enabling/Disabling certificates from the Athlinks Platform
  • Certificate preview feature
  • Black or white text overlay options
  • (4) Date display options
  • (10) Downloadable stock background graphic gallery
  • Supportive PNG template overlay for graphic designers
  • Restore to default settings
  • Athlete instant download- Athlinks App and [when certificates are enabled]
  • Athlete Facebook Sharing- Athlinks App and [when certificates are enabled]
  • Exclusive to ChronoTrack LIVE Scorers

For more detailed instructions of the use of this Custom Finisher Certificate tool, please visit our Knowledge Base documentation [here].


  • Downloadable certificate preview file [1200×630 .jpg of your certificate] from ChronoTrack LIVE Admin (Finisher’s Certificate tab) that you can share with your client prior to event day for obtaining approval.

Have input? Touch base with Sean P. Walkinshaw, Athlinks Digital Media and App Product Manager, at The current scope of product development for our Finisher Certificate feature can be found [here] via our initial release notes.

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