Release Notes

Athlinks Map Tracking Enhancement – More Control Over Uploaded Maps

In our initial release of our rebuilt Map Tracking, Timers didn’t have much control over their maps after they uploaded them to CT Live. This latest update adds functionality that allows users to take several actions inside the Course Map modal after the map has been uploaded. Options now included are:

  • Remove Course Map will delete a previously-uploaded map which will enable you to upload a new one.
  • Reprocess Map may be used by Support during troubleshooting of issues, but it will likely never be used. If you change Course distances, maps should automatically reprocess to accommodate the changes without any action on your part.
  • Download Map will download the original .gpx or .kml file you previously uploaded.
  • Full Preview will open a new tab in your browser that allows you to preview your Course Map in a larger screen area.


Additionally, we’ve updated the map preview to be identical to the actual map users will see.

For more about enabling and using Map Tracking, click HERE.

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