Release Notes

Athlinks Media Uploader- General Audience Release version 2.1.1

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our new media upload tool: the Athlinks Media Uploader.

Designed with the user in mind and tested in the field, we’re excited to deliver this product with the sole purpose of bringing expedient media to Athletes & Spectators alike. You can find the Athlinks Media Uploader tool under the Media Tab in CT Live.

Going forward, we ask that you discontinue your use of our “ChronoTrack Live Media Manager” product, as we will no longer have a team dedicated to the development of this product, and immediately upload your photos and videos using the Athlinks Media Uploader.


  • Built-in status reporting
  • Flexible user administration and accessibility
  • PHOTO REQUIREMENT: .JPG/.JPEG (3:2 aspect ratio only)
  • VIDEO REQUIREMENT: .MP4 supported
  • MAC and PC compatibility
  • Job queue- supporting back-to-back continuous media submissions
  • Auto-updating application
  • Drag-n-Drop file selection supported
  • Multi-tiered DCIM camera folder structure supported for simplified submissions
  • Uploads regardless of bandwidth speed reliability

NOTABLES: Athlinks Media Uploader

  • Aspect Ratio: Requires 3×2 aspect ratio (only). For more information on these camera settings requirements, check out our KnowledgeBase article here.
  • Video File Type: Requires .mp4 (only). For more information on these requirements, check out our KnowledgeBase article here.
  • 5 Seconds to Market (Live Photo Feed): Live photo upload is currently not an available feature. Photos will need to be uploaded all together, post-event.

For more information check out the Athlinks Media manager KnowledgeBase article here. With any questions or further inquiries, please reach out to Media Product Manager, Sean P. Walkinshaw at

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