Release Notes

Athlinks Media Uploader- Window Optimized INSTALL


We’re pleased to announce we have configured our Athlinks Media Uploader tool to be optimized with Windows for INSTALLS & AUTO-UPDATES going forward. Internal completion of work on the WINDOWS SIGNATURE will allow for a more seamless Windows install of our media upload tool.

Exclusive to WINDOWS Users, with Athlinks Media Version 2.1.10 or older, we ask that you now do the following:

  • Uninstall any previous versions from your Windows machine
  • Install the newest version of Athlinks Media Uploader to our machine [Version: 2.1.11] by accessing any of your events in ChronoTrack LIVE ADMIN today
  • Confirm your Windows machine is now on Athlinks Media Uploader version 2.1.11

Please Note: MAC Users continue to have a seamless install and receive auto-updates for Athlinks Media Uploader, and thus will not need to follow the steps listed above.

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