Release Notes

Athlinks Media Uploader- .mp4 video submissions now accommodate 3rd party stitched video files version 2.1.13


We’ve made an update to our Athlinks Media Uploader application, with our latest version 2.1.13, that affords acceptance of .mp4 videos created from a 3rd party, software stitched video. For Event Organizers and/or Timers who prefer to stitch their individual video files into one .mp4 file, you may now go back to business-as-usual and submit video media successfully with the Athlinks Media Uploader.

What are stitched video files? The practice of taking multiple .mp4 clips, in sequential order, submitting into a 3rd party video editing software, and building a net new single .mp4 file (which is just the multiple .mp4 files playing back-to-back essentially in the correct chronological order). For example, let’s say my video camera captured (4) unique .mp4 clips- each totaling in 15 minutes. Since I don’t want to submit all four videos and then consequently synchronize (4) video files in CT LIVE ADMIN, I’ll utilize a 3rd party video editing software like, Wondershare UniConverter, to take those (4) unique .mp4 clips and sequentially place them to make one net new .mp4 that is 60 minutes long (the summation of the (4) 15 minute .mp4 clips). By doing so, I can now just upload this single 60 minute .mp4 clip on Athlinks Media Uploader and synchronize only this one file (thus now reducing my administration of synchronizing multiple .mp4 clips).

Our Athlinks Media Uploader application auto updates, however prior to your submission of a “stitched video file”, ensure you’re on version 2.1.13 or greater.

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