Release Notes

Athlinks Website Enhancements

This week, we have made four noteworthy enhancements to the Athlinks website:

Improved Error Handling

Previously, if a User landed on a page within Athlinks that resulted in a 400, 404, or 500 HTTP error, the User was unable to click the “back” button. We have enabled the “back” button and it now functions as expected in all situations.

Athlinks Kiosk

Previously, Kiosk Users needed to click into the text field before typing. For anyone who has watched Athletes use a Kiosk, this seemingly small issue could have big consequences. We have restored this functionality so the field is automatically selected; including, when navigating back and forth between Athlete Search and IRP.

Note: There is still a known issue with the Athlinks Kiosk search functionality that is currently being worked on; stay tuned for this upcoming release.

Improved Athlinks SEO

We have made adjustments to the frequency at which Events are indexed for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which will have long-term improvements to how Events and Results are organically discovered.

Unpublished Brackets In Athlinks Results

We have added the functionality to “unpublish” brackets in Athlinks Results. Unpublishing results will prevent the results from being seen inside of Athlinks.

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