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Available Now! Photo Logo Overlay Branding Tool

We’re pleased to present a new feature in CT LIVE ADMIN that will allow you to apply logo overlay branding to your participant images.

Our new “Photo Logo Overlay Branding” tool is found under the Media > Media Sponsor tab and will allow you to apply custom logo overlay branding instantly to your submitted images.

You can upload your logo overlay branding before the event (highly recommended), then, when media is submitted to our platform via Athlinks Media Uploader, the logo overlay will be applied to all images.

We hope this new tool will afford you even greater opportunities to sell Media Sponsorships. Currently, custom logo overlays are a free service to our CT LIVE ADMIN users, but please take note we’ll be exploring this as a cost-added feature in the future. (For example, to have a custom photo logo overlay, a charge of $0.005 per image may be applied). Details to follow at a later point.

Reminders on photo logo overlay branding: (more details found here on our KnowledgeBase)

  • Logo Overlay file must be in .PNG format and correct sizing
  • Must upload both Landscape [2880×1920] & Portrait overlays [1920×2880]
  • Our Photo Logo Overlay Branding tool only accommodates 3:2 aspect ratio images (camera settings found here)
  • Ensure overlay doesn’t obstruct main athlete image
  • Preview image with overlay before saving

Immediate follow-ups to our new tooling:

  • Remove Logo Overlay Branding
  • Change Logo Overlay Branding
  • Republish Logo Overlay Branding
  • Sample Button- allowing you to get a sample. jpg of our default Landscape and default Portrait images along with the logo overlay branding- valuable asset when seeking to acquire sponsor approval

With any questions or comments, please reach out to Product Manager Sean Walkinshaw at

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