Release Notes

CT Live 2.0 Email Campaign Tool – Custom “From address” and Custom Domain Verification Enhancement

In CT Live 2.0 Email Campaigns, we now support the ability to edit the “From address”, and enable private label emails by sending from a custom domain name.

We default the “From address” as the Event Name the campaign is associated with. For example, for the event  “5k For Hope” you will see From Address: “5k-for-hope”  

As seen in the example above, by default, emails are sent from a ChronoTrack email address ( and some email clients display that it was sent via SendGrid. If you have control of a domain name, ex. you can private label your emails to send from your domain name. This can help to increase deliverability and promote your brand. 

In order to validate the sender email address for campaigns going forward, you will need to host your own domain (i.e. and use an email hosted on that domain (i.e. The domain owner will be required to set up the correct DNS records with their domain host for this to work properly. We will provide the appropriate DNS records needed for configuration but our support team will be limited in the help they are able to provide as every domain host requirement will be different.

To access this feature, head to the Settings subtab under the Email tab in CT Live 2.0. 

Once you have validated your domain name, you will select it when creating the email in the ‘Create Email Campaign’ section.

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