Release Notes

CT Live 2.0 Tag Reads – Visual Enhancement

We have made significant improvements to the Tag Reads page located in the Athlete Timing section in CT Live 2.0.

With the enhancements, users can expect faster loading times, regardless of the timing data file size, as well as improved visual designs.

Within each individual Tag Read, users have the ability to quickly “Use” or “Skip”. In addition, each individual read is color-coordinated for a more digestible visual experience on-screen:

1. Red = Invalid Reads
2. Green = Valid, used reads
3. Blue = Valid reads, not being used
4. Red = Skipped Reads

We also now automatically show (on-screen) the reason why a tag read may be Invalid – no cursor hovering required. Troubleshooting is significantly more clear and allows for quicker problem solving – without the need to contact CT Live Support.

To add a tag read, simply click the location (ie start, finish, lap 1, etc) to add tag read using the “+” sign.

Previously in CT Live 1.0 users were required to go to an edit modal to make changes and updates; now users have the ability to make multiple edits before hitting save or cancel. If you try to navigate to a new page before hitting “Save”, a notification will appear on-page reminding you to save your changes.

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