Release Notes

CT Live Awards Report – NEW FORMAT!

A couple weeks ago, we released an enhancement to how the cross country Aggregate Teams report printed. People loved the change, so we’ve been eager to update more reports with the new styling.

Now, we’ve released an update to the Standard/ResultsAwards report that add the same “Print” button we introduced to the XC report.


Clicking the Print button will launch a new tab with a preview of the Report in a brand new format and launch your browser’s Print dialogue.


This new format offers some excellent improvements over the old PDF version:

  • Cleaner look
  • Quicker to Print
  • Can be adjusted between portrait and landscape (in browser print dialogue)
  • Does not display people excluded from double-dipping with a line through them

We’ll be updating this report even more in the near future with:

  • Ability to display address information for award mailing
  • USATF style time rounding
  • Further column spacing optimization

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