Release Notes

CT Live Defect Fixes

Over the past week we have resolved a number of defects

  • Recently, we added the address field to the Add Athlete screen within CT Live Admin. Unfortunately, If your Event had a street address, it would automatically populate the Event’s street address inside of the Add Athlete modal. We have fixed the issue so it is now blank regardless of the Event’s location.

  • There was a cosmetic defect where entering any value over 24 hours inside of the ‘Hours’ text field within the Timing Point modal would not appear to save correctly. While Scoring was never affected,  it was confusing and we have made it so any value up to 99 can be entered within the ‘Hours’ text field and it will save correctly.

  • We have fixed an issue on CT Live where users that had Event Director access to some events in an Org were not able to successfully create custom questions in Series Events that were a part of the Org that they had access to. The error message would say: “You have no roles.” It should also be noted, if a user has the Event Director role to individual events in an Org, they will be given access to ALL Series Events within the Org.

  • We have resolved an issue where penalties were not applying to both views of the Team Report. Both views, the Athlete and the Team view, display ‘Add Time’ Penalties for entries if they exist. ‘Add Time’ Penalties will also be included in the tabulation of Team Results.

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