Release Notes

CT Live: Defect Fixes

We worked out a number of CT Live defects over the past few weeks; please see below:

  • We addressed an issue that did not allow Postal Codes for Nicaraguan residents. Now all registration information can be imported into our registration platform via athlete imports. For more information about athlete imports, please visit our Knowledge Base here.
  • We added a fix that ensures the first person to join a Pre-Paid Team Tier after all slots are filled is charged correctly. If you would like to know more about how to use Team Tiered Discounts, click here.
  • We fixed an issue that previously would cut the last email address in the Athletes Profile short, when pulling team member email addresses.
  • Lastly, we fixed an issue with the Custom Question Attribute Report not pulling in column headers correctly, leading to multiple rows of data having the same attribute. Now this reports shows correctly. To learn more about how to create custom questions on your reg form click here.

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