Release Notes

CT Live: Improved Athlete Import Error Handling and Better DOB Validation Enhancement

CT Live Scores nearly 5 Million Athletes a year, but not all of those Athletes get into our system via Registration. This means that our Athlete Import Tool is used heavily to get Entries into CT Live. Understanding the importance of this functionality is why we decided to take the time to make some improvements.

  1. Our most notable enhancement is in regards to how we handle errors during Athlete Imports. We now have an additional column to better help you understand context. If Encounters are encountered you have the ability to export those error’ed rows in order to make corrections before reimporting.
  2. Another addition that we have made is the ability for Timers to be able to run Data Checks immediately after importing to double check your data.
  3. We also reviewed our DOB Validation logic and have made improvements. During an Athlete Import we check to ensure that DOBs are within a  reasonable time period.

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