Release Notes

CT Live – Live Race Force Sync Enhancement

In order for Athlinks members to claim their results in Athlinks, results must be synced over to Athlinks as the indicator that results have been finalized for the event.

We’ve previously kept events from being Force Synced until the Planned End Time of the Event has passed. This has caused some confusion when the planned End Time was set significantly past when the event actually wrapped up. Users who tried to sync before the Planned End Time wouldn’t be able to select any Races and would also see this error: “Value is required and can’t be empty”.

To simplify this process and make it less alarming when you’re not able to Force Sync your event, we’ve removed the Planned End Time requirement. Results can now be Force Synced regardless of the Planned End Time.

We do still recommend ensuring all results have been finalized before Force Syncing to Athlinks!

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