Release Notes

CT Live Lottery Enhancements and Defect Fixes

We’ve made some recent updates to our CT Live Lottery functionality.

Custom Fees now work with our Lottery Feature. Custom Fees are a great way to charge insurance, state mandated tax, or some other fee that is separate from the Registration Price. Previously, Custom Fees would not be included or charged in the transaction if an Athlete was a Lottery winner. You can learn all about Custom Fees on our Knowledge Base.

We’ve made the process of uploading Lottery Winners more resilient. When it comes to selecting winners, Event Directors simply upload a CSV file with the winners they want to charge. Previously, uploading a file that was improperly formatted could cause the system to get stuck at 0.0%. We have added error handling to prevent improper files from being uploaded, and have also relaxed our requirements of what is considered a properly formatted file.

In the Event that an Athlete is a selected winner, but their card fails to be charged, we automatically send out an e-mail with instructions on how to update their payment and try again. In certain situations, the Failed Payment Link wouldn’t always generate. We have since resolved the issue where the Failed Payment Link wouldn’t always generate.

If you would like to learn more about how to setup a Lottery Event, you can read our Knowledge Base.

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