Release Notes

CT Live Map Tracking Interval Warning Enhancement

Since we started rolling it out, map tracking has been constantly improved based on user feedback and our own observations, and we’re looking forward to keeping that trend going. This week’s improvement introduces warning messages around Intervals.

When you add Timing Points to your Race, part of that process is creating a corresponding Course Type Interval – an Interval that begins at the Start Point and ends at some other Point in the Course. After creating that Interval, however, users are able to switch that Interval’s type from Course to Split. Any time you want to use a Point for Map Tracking, that point MUST be associated with a Course type Interval.

To prevent issues arising from lack of a Course type Interval, there are now two new warning messages that appear:

  • When you try to upload a Map file to a Race that doesn’t have a Course type Interval for a Point.


  • When you try to change an Interval from Course to Split after a map has been uploaded to the Race.


Check out our guide to using Map Tracking HERE.

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