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CT Live – Panels XC Report and Time Display Enhancements

We’re excited to announce some changes to Panels (Scrolling Results) that make it possible to display Cross Country results from the Standard/XcAggregateTeams report and a small enhancement that allows users to toggle USAT rounding on or off for time display.


On the standard Race Panel Type, we’ve added the Show Milliseconds toggle to the “Limit” section of the Panel Editor.


NOTE: When Show Milliseconds is selected, Finish times displayed on the Panel will be Gun Times.

For a complete look at how to use Panels, see our Knowledge Base guide HERE.


On Step 2 of creating a new Panel, you’ll now see a “Choose Type” section with the option to select Report instead of Race.


When you select the Report option, you can use the Select Report dropdown to choose from any existing Standard/XcAggregateTeams report that’s configured to show Team Details. You can also click the + Add Report button to add and configure a new Report.

If you set the Panel type as Report, the Limit page will appear differently, summarizing the XC report’s settings.


You can click the edit button to change the Report’s settings without leaving the Panel Editor. Once you’ve published the Panel and results have been generated, this is what the Panel will look like:


For a full tutorial on using the Standard/XcAggregateTeams report, and how to use it in a Panel, click HERE.

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