Release Notes

CT Live Registration Pie Chart Enhancements

This week we’ve taken the time to enhance our Registration Pie Chart. This updated Chart serves the same purpose as the previous one but brings a MUCH more polished User Interface.

Here is an example of our old chart:

Here is the same data with our new chart:

A few things to note:
  • The pie chart is no longer a mess of confusing lines and numbers
  • We have added percentages to the pie chart
  • We now list the totals next to the Race Titles
  • The Chart doesn’t grow smaller as you add more Races
  • We’re currently combing “statistically insignificant” data into an “other” category. We already have plans to change this back to how it was working originally by listing all Races.
  • If you have a large number of Races, the column of Races on the right will paginate (not pictured)
  • It supports “mouse-over” – see image below



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